Notice of Privacy Practices

Protecting the security and privacy of my client's Personal Health Information is very important to me. This document provides information regarding the steps taken to keep your information safe and confidential.

Designated Privacy and Security Officer for this Practice

Hannah Milford, MA, LPC, LCDC, RPT is the designated Security Officer for my practice.
Hannah Milford, MA, LPC, LCDC, RPT is the designated Privacy Officer for my practice.

All privacy and security questions, requests, and concerns should be directed to me and I will be responsible for handling them.

Privacy and Security Policies

All considerable measures have been taken to ensure confidentiality of emails & texts sent and received. Please be aware, however, of the risks taken when sharing personal or confidential information this way.

Some risks you take when sending emails or texts include:
  • Misdelivery of email to an incorrectly typed address.
  • Email accounts can be "hacked", giving a 3rd party access to email content  and addresses.
  • Email providers (i.e. Gmail, Comcast, Yahoo) keep a copy of each email on their servers, where it might be accessible to employees, etc.

You have the right to opt out of emailing during the Counseling Intake.

Hannah Milford's practice takes certain precautions to help decrease the likelihood that your Personal Health Information is compromised.
  • Cell Phones contain password protection.
  • When electronic devices, such as cell phones, computers, lap tops, etc. are retired, they are sanitized of information, before recycling.
  • If there are any complaints filed against me, this will be recorded on our Complaints Form.
  • If there is a breach regarding the safety of your Personal Health Information, I will personally contact you to let you know the extent of the breach and what is being done to contain the situation.
  • Hannah does not use any of your Personal Health Information for marketing purposes and does not sell any information to outside entities.
  • Hannah follows all Ethical Codes and State Laws, which help in securing your information.
  • Hannah has received training concerning HIPAA laws and compliance and will continue to attend trainings as required by law.
  • All HIPAA documentation will be kept on file for a minimum of 6 years. My training information is posted here.

Storage of Client Files:
  • Hannah stores client files under lock and key for 5 years after the last session.
  • If something should happen to me, a designated counselor, listed in my Counseling Disclosure, would take possession of these files.  They will store them under the same guidelines, protecting confidentiality.
  • Once a file is ready to be destroyed, it is shredded.

Again, the protection of your Personal Health Information is important to me. Please let me know if you have questions or comments about our Privacy Policy. There is more information regarding HIPAA on my website and included in this packet.

Thank-you for your trust!
Hannah Milford, MA, LPC, LCDC, RPT