Thank you for your interest in renting office space at Happy Camper Counseling! We offer two options for renting space: Hourly and Weekly Blocks. 

Renting Options

​Pick from 2 Plans:

​1. Free Bird Plan

​Have the ability to schedule single hourly appointments at any available opening for $15.00 per hour. Appointments are reserved on an online calendar and are first come first serve.

2. Time Block Plan

Reserve a block of office time each week for a monthly fee. No need to update the shared calendar, your office time will be reserved every week.  You may also schedule outside of your block with Free Bird privileges with an additional charges applied ($10 per hour).  

​ Time Block Options: 
•   Morning Block -  6am to 1pm (7 Hours Per Week) - $150 per month  
•   Afternoon Block - 1pm to 8pm (7 Hours Per Week) - $150 per month    
•   All Day Block - 6am to 9pm (15 Hours Per Week) - $250 per month

You can also start with the Free Bird plan and later upgrade to Time Block, once your practice grows.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Hannah at

Please fill out the application below if you would like to join the team.