Online Scheduling

Online scheduling is made easy with, an optional service appointment management website for established clients.  New clients must call and check availability before requesting an appointment through Docmein.

Benefits Include:

•  Access to Calendar 24 Hours a Day
•  View Openings & Request Appointments
•  Online Cancellations & Rescheduling 
•  View all Past & Upcoming Appointments

If a minor is not living with both parents, proof is needed that the parent or guardian bringing the minor to counseling has the legal right to make medical decisions. IF this situation is true for you and your family, please provide the appropriate papers at the time of the first visit. Hannah will not see the minor without this documentation.

Only adults over 18 can request an appointment.
Late charges may be applied for appointments canceled with less than 48 hours notice.

How to Create a

Docmein Account

Step 1

Click HERE for Docmein

Click above to visit Hannah's Docmein calendar.  Be sure to bookmark the page. Then click on the “SCHEDULE NOW” blue button. 

Step 2

Select date and time of desired appointment (appointments are limited by availability}. Select Service from dropdown menu and press “Next.”

Step 3

Step 4

Fill out forms with your email, name, phone number and create a password (your password is private and only available to you).
Click “Sign up.”

Congratulations! You have signed up for convenient online scheduling. In the future, you may sign in with you email address and password.

Step 5

Are you a legal guardian scheduling for a minor? If so, select no and enter child’s information. You may enter N/A for reason for visit and insurance.

Step 6

 Click “OK” and your appointment request has been sent.  You will receive a confirmation email once your appointment has been accepted. 

Ready to schedule an appointment?

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