Teen Therapy

Today's teenagers face so many challenges. Screen time, cyberbullying, and sexting are a few pressures that modern teens face. It's difficult for parents to keep up. Happy Camper Counseling works with teens and their parents to bridge the generation gap and bring understanding and connection.

Common concerns

  • Low Self-Esteem & Poor Body Image
  • Depression, Moodiness & Lack of Motivation
  • Anxiety, Stress & Perfectionism
  • Social & Emotional Impairments
  • Anger & Disrespect
  • Lack of Responsibility at Home or School

Therapy can help teens:

  • Open pathways communication with parents
  • Foster personal responsibility and self-regulation
  • Develop emotional self-awareness
  • Increase motivation and organization skills at home or school
  • Improve self-image and Confidence
  • Learn healthy coping skills

Treatment Modalities

Therapy is personalized to meet your teen's individual needs.  Treatment approaches can include:
  • Traditional Talk Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Biofeedback & Mindfulness Training
  • Expressive Art Therapy Techniques
  • Sandtray Therapy

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