Telehealth Therapy

Mental health therapy in the comfort of your own home.

Each day we wake up to news updates and an ever-growing list of changes we are making. It can bring up a lot of fear, anxiety, and even grief as we cancel plans, social distancing happens, and shift our daily routines. We try our best to adapt to a new normal with limited access to our typical coping tools.

As the pandemic continues, mental health support is more important than ever. Our licensed mental health therapists are dedicated to maintaining consistent support for the Austin community. Starting in March 2020, we will no longer see clients at our Airstream office. We have moved entirely to online virtual therapy, also known as Telehealth Therapy.

How does Telehealth Therapy work?

We provide online therapy services through Google Meet video conferencing. Google Meet is available by phone, tablet, or computer. No need to download any software or apps. Click on the link provided by your therapist when you're ready to begin your session. Video communication is private, secure, and HIPPA compliant.

Who can get Telehealth Therapy?

Happy Camper Counseling provides phone and online therapy only in the state of Texas.  
  • Children ages 10 +
  • Teens
  • Adults
  • Families
  • Groups

How do I pay for my sessions?

Online payments are convenient and safe. Easily pay for you counseling sessions with Square.

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